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    Reblog only if you post these things a lot and I’ll check out your blog.. :3

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  • cupcakesandrocketships:

    So I went to see War Horse today, and I was struck by two things. One was the horrible lighting, which I won’t geek out about because no one cares.

    Also this:





    Weird casting decisions, brought to you by War Horse.

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  • this-helmet-is-fabulous:

    • Marvel Comics/Movies/Animation
    • DC Animation/Comics/Movies
    • Young Justice
    • Avengers: EMH
    • Tom Hiddleston
    • Cillian Murphy (I need more of this guy on my dashboard)
    • Jeremy Renner
    • Disney Golden Age Movies
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
    • Pixar
    • Young Adult Fiction
    • Percy Jackson books/Anything written by Rick Riordan
    • Mythology of all kinds
    • Hedgehogs. (no, really.)

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  • I hope this year brings you happiness, fun, good health, and success. May you achieve all that your heart desires. You are truly an inspiration to me and one of a kind. Happy birthday, Tom Hiddleston!

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    #WhatIsWrongWithThisWorld #GetOut #AllOfYou #ThatRepetitiveSoundYouHearIsMeBangingMyHeadAgainstTheWall #YouWin #IQuit #EverybodyGoHome #ThisHasBeenAPost

    You’re kidding me- right? 

    This just goes to show that everyone, event these incredibly beautiful, interesting, talented, attractive people, have insecurities. The trick is to get over them and move on to create a world for yourself, like these men have. I adore all of them.

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  • Me: I will never fall in lo-
    Matt Smith: lol
    Arthur Darvill: lol
    Martin Freeman: lol
    Benedict Cumberbatch: lol
    Matthew McNulty: lol
    Colin Morgan: lol
    Bradley James: lol
    Jensen Ackles: lol
    David Tennant: lol
    Aneurin Barnard: lol
    Chris Hemsworth: lol
    Wes Bentley: lol
    Joseph Morgan: lol
    Michael Fassbender: lol
    Matt Bomer: lol
    Jude Law: lol
    Ian Somerhalder: lol
    Tom Hiddleston: lol
    Chris Evans: lol
    Kasabian: lol
    Muse: lol
    Me: ...oops
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